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Vancouver Main Dentistry is proud to offer professional dental whitening services, providing a safe and effective way to brighten your smile. Our skilled dental professionals utilize advanced whitening techniques to help you achieve teeth that are up to 10 shades whiter. With in-office whitening options available, we can help you achieve a brighter smile in just one hour.

The Benefits of Teeth Whitening:

  1. Noticeable Whitening Results: Dental whitening treatments can significantly lighten the shade of your teeth, making them visibly whiter and brighter. This improvement in tooth color can enhance your overall appearance and boost your self-confidence.

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  1. Safe and Effective: Professional dental whitening is a safe and proven method for achieving a whiter smile. The whitening products used by our experienced dental team are specially formulated to minimize potential side effects while delivering impressive results.
  2. Personalized Treatment: Our dental professionals will tailor the whitening treatment to your specific needs, ensuring that the shade achieved is natural and complements your facial features. We take into consideration factors such as your tooth color, enamel thickness, and any existing dental restorations to provide you with optimal results.
  3. Faster Results with In-Office Whitening: In-office whitening is a popular choice for individuals seeking immediate results. With this option, you can experience a brighter smile in just one appointment, typically within an hour. In-office whitening utilizes stronger whitening agents, enhanced by professional equipment, resulting in more rapid and noticeable improvements.

Why In-Office Whitening is Better:

  1. Professional Supervision: With in-office whitening, you have the advantage of being treated under the supervision of our experienced dental professionals. They monitor the process to ensure safety and maximum effectiveness, adjusting the treatment based on your individual needs.
  1. Customization: In-office whitening allows for customizable treatment, taking into account your specific goals and tooth shade preferences. Our dental team will assess your current tooth color and work with you to achieve the desired level of whiteness, providing a personalized experience.
  1. Stronger Whitening Agents: In-office whitening utilizes high-concentration whitening agents that are only available to dental professionals. These stronger formulations produce more immediate and dramatic results, allowing for substantial color improvement in a shorter amount of time.
  1. Time-Efficient: In today’s fast-paced world, one of the key advantages of in-office whitening is its time efficiency. With a single appointment, you can achieve a noticeably brighter smile without the need for multiple at-home whitening sessions.

At Vancouver Main Dentistry, we offer professional dental whitening services to help you achieve a brighter and more radiant smile. Whether you choose in-office whitening for its immediate and dramatic results or opt for at-home whitening under our professional guidance, we prioritize your satisfaction and safety throughout the process. Experience the transformative power of teeth whitening and regain your confidence. Contact us today to schedule a consultation at Vancouver Main Dentistry.


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